The environment is important to us

Puderbach Palettenwerk

Since our pallets …

… are not chemically treated and we only use natural wood, they are recyclable.

Puderbach Palettenwerk Umwelt

The residual wood from our manufacturing is used in the company’s own biomass heating plant to generate energy for the drying chambers.

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Puderbach Palettenwerk

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We actively contribute to

climate- &
environmental protection

The energy generation for our drying chambers is carbon-neutral. When the wood is burned, this only releases as much CO₂ as the tree absorbed during its growth, so the CO₂ balance does not change during heating.

  • Manufacture of products that are as durable as possible

  • We dispose of your old pallets in an environmentally responsible

  • eco-friendly and carbon-neutral way


Using wooden pallets to transport goods actively contributes to climate and environmental protection.

Renewable raw material

As a renewable raw material, wood forms a counterpoint to the approximately seven billion tonnes of fossil fuels consumed worldwide every year.